Conor Cawley: When The WiFi Is Out

When the Wifi is out

You’re confused. You’re mad. You’re flushed. You’re sad


You don’t know what to do

You can’t figure it out

You’ve exhausted your options

You’re filled up with doubt


The green buttons are lit

But the signal is down

You’ve sunken down deep

All the way to the ground


Netflix and Hulu,


Apparently all run

On WiFi, who knows?


There’s little to do

There’s not much to fix

Except maybe watch

Some DVD flicks


I bring up the topic

Because I’m stuck in this state

A WiFi-less brat

That can’t masturbate


So I’ll force out these rhymes

Without a care or a worry

‘Til my signal is back

And I can leave in a hurry


My Wifi is back

Oh hallelujah

This poem is done

So I can stop rhyming

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