Aaron Pylinski: in healing

love hidden is between

the lines.

sometimes in my most

harassing dreams

i can escape to

a thought of you.

but now it is only

a distant memory.

those days gone

by and now i

ponder sadly the

predicament in which

we find ourselves.

it is a constant

emotional winter,

perpetual freezing cold.

where no ground is


and none relented.

they say a relationship

is something

you have to work at.

i say those rules

are a broken

social construct

exercising a form of control

prying a wedge between


and human nature.

real love is


true love is unconditional.

and all love

is fleeting,

happening only in


here one,

gone the next.

in the lapse of love

when work

becomes evident,

the unconditional

rolls in and

takes over.

the awake are

taken over by those


love dies and

sanity barely holds


the soul works


and the heart

slows to


leaves fall

from the tree of life

and love is now a

silent passenger on a

very long


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