Anita Mechler: One type of break-up

It was brief.
I’ve had briefer.

Shared bliss
Total and complete,
Like a wrapped blanket.

Brave stares
For longer than a moment.

But then inexplicable bursts of anger,
Supposition of duty,
The suffocation of desire
Incomplete, incompatibility
Crumbling the facade
Of our connection.

I can’t do this, I said.

I understand.
Don’t beat yourself up.
I wanted this to work.
It was a good idea for a while.

We cracked jokes,
Talked about the cat.
I shed a few tears,
For good measure.

Things I left behind:
bobby pins,
dirty sheets,
a silver ring you promised to return.

It won’t be weird we said.
We can always call.

Meaningless thank yous,
nothing more and goodbye.

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