4 Reasons For Our Upcoming Design Change

Drinkers With Writing Problems has been bringing you personal stories, embarrassing admissions and alcohol-inspired listicles for a long time now. And while you’ve been incredibly supportive of this group of barstool bards, we are shocked you’ve been able to tolerate the deplorable state of our website. Let’s be honest, we’ve all written book reports that had more artistic integrity than the home page of Drinkers With Writing Problems. But at least we can admit it, right?

Fortunately for everyone, we have reached a tipping point and, over the weekend, we will be launching our brand new website design. This is exciting for everyone involved, particularly readers! Categories will be better organized, writers will be more accessible and our exquisite artwork will be visible to all! Here are a few reasons why we’re changing:

Organization Is Awesome

Some of you probably have favorite topics. Some of you probably love personal stories more than listicles. But until now, you have had to hope and pray that you favorites popped up on your feed. Thankfully, our newly organized categories page will help you find everything in the click of a button. It will make reading your favorite writer’s work that much easier (as long as it’s me).

Our Mobile Website Is Garbage

Not only is it literally impossible to find the categories, but our name is segmented on the top because it’s too long. Like come on really! My teenage sister could teach my pet dog that the title of a website should be readable on the most used device in your repertoire. This is a real life screenshot of our website on my phone…

Like… come on!
Color Is Nice

Grey on grey. That’s our current website color scheme. GREY ON GREY. If someone asked me to come up with the most boring combination of colors, I wouldn’t say grey on grey because I would assume that using the most boring color twice was cheating. But somehow we at Drinkers With Writing Problems have been pulling off the “90s sweatpants and sweatshirt” look, flawlessly made famous by sad people at the laundromat and sadder people at the grocery store.

Change Is Good

It’s important to embrace chance when necessary. There is no need to cling to the past, particularly when the past is so poorly designed and filled with spelling errors. The future isn’t scary, the future is awesome!

See you on the other side!

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