Conor Cawley: 6 Emojis And How To Use Them

Emoting is difficult. And if you grew up in a house devoid of emotion or just had your heart ripped out by someone you care about, it can be nearly impossible. Fortunately for you, technology has expedited these pesky feelings-filled experiences with an endless supply of easy-to-use emojis! Make sure you are using them correctly when breaking bad news or telling someone you love them by referencing this helpful guide to emojis and their meanings.

1. Happy Face: This emoji can be harmlessly added to the end of almost any sentence. Whether you are trying to express joy or make sure your sincere compliment isn’t misconstrued as an attack against your friend’s livelihood, a happy face can go a long way in facilitating meaningful communication… just kidding. It just looks cute.

2. Winky Tongue Out Face: Did you just make an inappropriate joke towards a close friend of the opposite sex? Well don’t worry! You can get out of this awkward bind with this classic emoji. You can also take advantage of this emoji when making a bad pun, using the words “Netflix” and “chill” in the same sentence or talking about someone’s attractive sibling.

3. Disappointed Face: This emoji is almost exclusively used to make people feel bad about bailing on plans. Whether you “accidentally fell asleep” or “just don’t feel up for it tonight,” you can expect between 2 and 25 of these bad boys clogging up your message screen. Don’t be wary though; no matter how many disappointed emojis they send, they will still want you to come to their next one-person show devoted to lamps.

4. Heart Eyes Face: While it may seem odd, this emoji is rarely used to express love towards another human being. Most appropriately, you would use this emoji to express jubilance  in the procurement of a pumpkin spice latte, Beyonce’s latest CD or the phone number of the bearded guy at the gym. Not to be confused with the kiss-y heart face emoji, which can be used similarly to that of the winky tongue out face emoji from above.


5. Crying Face: Whatever you have done, fix it. This emoji, much like an actual crying face, means that the sender is sad. Very sad. So sad that none of the other sad, non-crying face emojis captured their feelings so eloquently and effectively. The drooped eyebrows, the frowning mouth, the misunderstood eyes and the comically large tear drop show the true depth of pain and  suffering this person is going through.

6. Poop: This one means poop. That’s it.


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