Dave Hughes: The Easy Road

The lens through which I saw the world was flawed.

I decided that I didn’t like the script,

so I wrote my own.

Others might have rebelled .

Fought the good fight.

Stood up for themselves.

I took the other path.

The one of lesser resistance,

I would smile,

nod my head in understanding,

agree to the terms ,

then do whatever I fucking wanted.

The way of the coward has many benefits.

8 out of ten times you get what you want.

You don’t have to waste your energy,

defending your position,

working on your integrity,

understanding your value systems.

You have none.

Do it long enough,

your lies and illusions,

become your system.

And  you don’t even realize

that you gave away the things that made you,




  1. Damn. This hit home: “And you don’t even realize/ that you gave away the things that made you,/ you.” This was how I felt falling into a desk job right out of university instead of taking some time and risk to chase dreams.

    I’m a recovering coward and the recovery can be painfully slow.

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