Dave Hughes: Michigan

We all say goodbye incrementally.

Our memory,

that which is us,

is so like an ember sailing off the fire

arcing into the dark,

and quickly lost amongst the stars.

I am saying goodbye.

To our bright Michigan nights,

to our tent nights,

to our cold red wine nights,

nights wrapped in blankets,

wrapped in each other.

So unsure,

if we were each other’s lifelines,

or anchors.

I am,

watching those years and days

and those infernal, eternal seconds

burn away.

perhaps then I won’t be far behind you,

and we can both be just fire brands winking in the sky.

Blazing campfire at sunset along the beautiful beach of Lake Superior in northern Michigan.


  1. “So unsure,
    if we were each other’s lifelines,
    or anchors.”

    I love this line. I’m currently in a relationship of four years, and unsure of whether or not I should continue it. This really resonates with me. Do I need him, or does he only hold me back? Would it be best if the relationship becomes only a sparking memory? And I live in Michigan too. So glad I found this.

    1. All self serving bs aside, I think that is what poetry is about. What it means to me is irrelevant, it belongs to the reader the moment it is written. Thank you for commenting and I am glad it resonated with you. Safe travels

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