The carpenter and the poet

hammer_1_lghe says,

we love like the sea and the sand

she says

I love you so I built you this box

he says

The sea loves the sand so much it hates it

but just can’t stay away

she says

that makes no sense

but this box has perfect lines

you can put your shoes in it

he says

with every wave the sand is changed

but changes the path of the sea

she says

it took me hours to make this box

and i thought of you the whole time

he says the sea assaults the sand

but leaves caressing it

she says

wait who is who

which of us is the sand and which the sea

he says


she says

why won’t you put your shoes in the box

its perfect

He says


it’s too perfect to put my shoes in it

she says

you’re an idiot

he says

yes we are

she smiles


  1. Wow.

    This is a wonderfully humorous exchange depicting a couple who are both lovers and friends. I adore that between the lines I am brought to a place where I imagine two people who love each other completely and always; love each other for who they are -different though they may be. You can see each speaking a different love language, but still speaking love all the same. It is an image of a relationship that is lasting and not quelled. One that is based on more than erotic passionate exchanges kept alive like a flash in the pan.

    This is a beautiful poem!

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