This is super simple friends! DWWP is offering a two-hour writing workshop for only $25, here in Chicago! Not only are you going to be able to meet the writers, but we’re going to give you the tools to start your own writing group, how to create better writing habits, and give you some fun writing exercises we love. NOT ONLY THAT! But, you’ll be eligible for publication on our blog or next upcoming live show!

Don’t live in Chicago? LET’S TALK! If you’re interested in participating via the world-wide web, let’s try it out! I have no idea how to make that happen, but if there’s enough interest, I WILL make it happen because ‘MERICA!

Here’s the crap you need to know and hopefully, we’ll be seeing you soon. Seats are limited to act fast. If you sign up early, you get a bonus high-five at the workshop.

What: Becoming a Rogue Ink Slinger with Your Own Barstool Bards
When: Saturday, October 10, 11:30 am – 1:30 pm
Where: Brisku’s Bistro, 4100 N Kedzie, Chicago (if you’re interested in joining via web, comment on this post and I’ll see what can be done)
What to bring: Pen, paper, and money for food and drink if you want it. Quick note – drinking is not necessary, but it makes it easier to wallow in your self-doubt.

SIGN UP HERE: http://bit.ly/1McCeZ4



  1. I really love this idea! Can’t wait to let it happen world-wide! I don’t live in Chicago but I definitely want to join!

  2. More than interested in joining via web, I will even drink along. (its a sacrifice but I’m more than willing to do it for a good cause)

  3. Can’t attend this one, but if you do this again in the future, I would love to attend. I don’t need much of an excuse to find my way to Chicago. Also I’ve been thinking of creating a writing group in Portland.

  4. Hey ladies and gents of the WordPress World! Thank you for your interest in our workshop. Unfortunately, at the moment, we don’t have the capabilities to do a web stream. However, you have given us a really great idea and we are going to look into this more closely for our upcoming workshops! We really want to make sure that none of you interested parties are left out. We will announce another workshop as soon as we get our sh*t together. Thank you for your enthusiasm and patience.

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