Dave Hughes: Shadow

The question

Do you consider yourself a lucky person?

its a trap

its an unhittable pitch

an invitation to bear your soul

that its alright

that you can be yourself

you can tell them the truth

you can unburden 

shed the fear

share the terror 

the nugget 

that has grown


a pea 

to boulder on your chest

a lifetime of doubt

Formed in each failed moment of interaction

That every yearning



attempt to touch fingertips with the world 

Is understood

That they get 

that you are a bumbling fool

blind as a bat 

simply the shadow of a person

screaming in the void

but afraid to whisper for help

for recognition

that there isn’t a you

that everything you do is reaction

that you don’t know what you will do from one moment to the next

no repeat performances

only accidental repeats

that you wish you WERE a puppet

at least then there would be someone at the strings

that there might be a million like me

or i might be the only one

who worries that the script is flipped

who is petrified of your idea of heaven


what’s more awful than an eternity of awareness..

but you skirt the pitfall

jump the snare

and for this terrible job you say

I make my own luck, sir.
(Photo credit)


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