Drinkers with Writing Problems

At my pizza restaurant, all first responders who dined-in, picked up, or had their pizza delivered were given a sizable discount for their service to the community! Police, firefighters, and paramedics were all given 15% off the bill, which is sizable sum to a person on a civil servant’s salary in the early 1990s. A true gesture of gratitude for our local heroes.

I am pretty certain that it was largely to keep the cops from ticketing the delivery drivers for the restaurant. I think they included paramedics and firefighters in the interest of absolute transparency and good old fashioned gumption. Maybe to keep the firefighters and paramedics from backing over our charred bodies with their vehicles if we caused a horrible accident.

The graft from pizza discounts created an unwritten law where pizza delivery drivers from our restaurant could run roughshod in their barely legal automobiles all over this…

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