Dave Hughes: The Hunt


Listen to your beast.
You can hear its ragged fading breaths ,
as you sit
sweat soaked,
heart racing,
alone in the dark,
chest heaving,
while you logic away your adrenalin.
Mind your mind my dear,
It’s the biggest liar of them all,
it’s sweet nothings, sweet lies.
Don’t let it read to you
from its book of tears.
It helps you see only
what you were taught to see.
All the while time flies by the door,
like the dead leaves of last fall.
Parents,teachers, priests and wives,
taught you to heel,
to love the leash.
Have taught you to ignore your beast.
The animal in your breast.
The animal in you,
that even now brays and pulls and lunges,
Fighting not to destroy you,
but to shake you from the fiction that all is well.
To tell you,
that the hunt has begun.


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