Conor Cawley: Public Transit Post – Writing and Typing and Texting, Oh My!

I’ve wanted to try this for a long time. Now, the day has come. I am writing this post from the #74 (Fullerton) bus in Chicago. On my cell phone. I know, I’m a technological genius. Spare me your praise. And although this post will probably be uncharacteristically brief because I don’t want to miss my stop, I promise to make up for it in vast wisdom.

For people that know me well, looking at my phone for a long period of time is hardly a surprise. However, my desire (or lack thereof) to write huge paragraphs with just my thumb is significantly superseded by my desire to actually get some work done. Texting really takes a lot out of me. Honestly, I assume that voice-texting technology was invented for the sole purpose of helping me write texts longer than two sentences.

I am enduring this persistent discomfort because of a conversation I had with a friend of mine a while back. We discussed our favorite ways of transcribing creative thought. Among the methods in discussion: writing (pen and paper), typing (computer), and texting (phone). While texting wasn’t seriously considered for our favorite, it was considered by far the most convenient. Even writing was deemed more convenient than typing for the simple fact that computers and laptops are noticeably more heavy than notebooks.

My personal favorite is typing. Partially because of the speed at which I can do it, but mostly because of the seemingly limitless editing possibilities. These qualities are important for someone who has burned more homemade pizzas than he can remember because he forgot they were in the oven.

But whatever works, works. If you like writing, write. If you like typing, type. If you like texting, that’s weird. But more power to you. I realize that’s a little anticlimactic but I’m coming up on my stop. This was fun. Maybe if I can stave off this car sickness, I’ll do another one.


  1. I could not possibly agree with you more. Early last year a colleague and I had a conversation about the possibilities that the ever evolving technological world will present us with, one of which discussed was the idea of a novel written on a phone to be sold, distributed, and downloaded strictly onto other phones; a sort of “Only Available In The iTunes Store” kind of thing. The mere thought of “texting” anything substantial personally makes my asshole quiver. While I will use my phone to quickly make notes when on the go, I definitely prefer to type or hand-write when I am working on lengthy pieces that hold any importance to me.

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