Kirk Novak: I Glove LA

Drinkers with Writing Problems

I Glove LA1779985_10202576871196938_704151384_n
To the tune of “I Love LA” by Randy Newman 

Hate New York City
People with bare hands
Spreading diseases on the subway
Let’s leave Chicago as Second City
That town’s a bit too unhygienic
For you and me, you clean girl

Walkin’ straight down Tujunga avenue
Staring at the sidewalk and the gutters
Stinking winds blowing off the LA river
Think, “that’s why people drive”

Cars honking at me as they roll past
Somebody playing Schoolboy Q1011086_10202576871556947_245617990_n
Looking at all the trash
I’m noticing a lot of discarded rubber gloves

I’ve been talkin’ ‘bout the Valley
But it’s all of LA County
Everybody’s sanitary
With powder free vinyl exam gloves
I’m staying microbe free today

I glove LA (We glove it)
I glove LA (We glove it)

Heroin needles
That guy’s got fleas
Look at that homeless person, man
All covered in pee1620464_10202577209445394_897571648_n
Look at these…

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