Elizabeth Gomez: Waiting

Waiting for someone to die
Is a peculiar thing.
There’s a hollowing out
Of your body,
As the weight of your tears flatten you down.

Then minutes later,
Not enough minutes later,
You notice a chip
On the corner of your end table,
Wondering when it appeared.

Waiting for someone to die,
Is amplified
With children by your side.
Their watery eyes dart around,
Swallowing back the truth.

Your mother instincts kick in.
You want them to get up
And out!
Instead, you lay around
With them in sadness.

You count the days
You should have called.
The fights that
Never should have been,
The birthdays you missed.

You listen for the trumpets
Of angels,
A thunderous march of feet
To gather your beloved.
You are met with shallow breaths.

There’s a tear in the tablecloth.
You ask God to offer mercy,
Then you remember,
His reputation was built
On being merciless.

So you do,
You wait.

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