Dave Hughes: Don’t Play with Dead Things

You shouldn’t, everyone knows that.
It’s a knowledge for most mammals.
Things that have expired,
are to be left unmolested.
It runs deep,
a law of nature,
the base understanding that,
to do so will do harm,
will be painful,
will be a waste of time.
Why then?
Won’t you let this go.
The path of our love has run true,
and run out.
are run out.
What we had is dead as a doornail,
flat as a pancake.
It’s a bloated stinking corpse stuck on a snarl in the Chicago river.
It’s alive only in the habituated responses
of two actors who haven’t realized the show is in reruns.
Both of us playing a part
so the other doesn’t see
that the person they fell in love with,
has ceased to exist.
Is dead.
So quit fucking with it.

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