Kirk Novak: (An Appropriate Repost for the Holiday) An Adult Beverage

Yeasty, malty, hoppy beer
Drink it down, pass it around
But there will always be room
For one more beer
I’m writing now
But thinking about how
I just want to drink this beer
You are my friend, my mother
My secret lover.
I can live without you
But I don’t want to
The damage is done
Let’s drink until the sun
Comes up
Then I’ll call in sick
Pick up my last paycheck
And we will cash it
To spend it all on beer
I’m still writing
I’m still here
But I’m starting to drown
In an ocean of beer
If I’d just stop and think
I’d order a different drink
Maybe bourbon, or rye
Vodka, or tequila with lime
But I can’t take that chance
Of getting so drunk
That I soil my pants
So I’ll sit here
With my glass of beer
I let it numb the fear
And I hold nothing dear
Except for the bowl of popcorn before me
That pacifies me
Makes me thirsty
For more beer
My wife’s not here
So we can drink until the sun
Comes up
Maybe find your friend’s number
And do some other drugs
But no matter what we score
It always needs to be accompanied by more

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