Dave Hughes: Lullaby

The boogie man is at the door,

the evil monkey is crouching in the closet,

the creature is hiding under the bed,

the dark is chasing you out of the basement,

the thing is watching you from the bushes,

the snake is swimming in the toilet,

the rat is scurrying in the walls,

the ghost is smelling your breath as you sleep,

the worms are eating your loved ones,

the something is slithering in the attic,

the witch is sneaking on the creaky stair,

the fat spider is crunching in the cereal box,

the sister is digging up the pet cemetery,

the brother is killing puppies in the garage,

the mother is mixing arsenic brownies,

the dad is making another family,

and nothing, can protect you honey.

Sleep tight, sweet pea, sleep tight.moon

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