Kirk Novak: Coming Attractions Volume 1

Sacrificing Actors
Sacrificing Actors

I think absentmindedly doodling is a great way to blow off cobwebs draping the cogs of creativity in your brain meat, and it is the most highly decorated soldier in the silent war to alleviate boredom during moments of quiet reflection. The tables at Brisku’s Bistro are covered in paper that would be covered in my sketches by the end of DWWP meetings, and I wish I had thought once to capture whatever weirdness the misfiring synapses in my mind scribbled out with pen.

Quinoa Lend You a Hand?
Quinoa Lend You a Hand?

Likewise, during rehearsals for a Writing 6 show at the Second City Training Center, I would often doodle fake flyers for fake performances on the back of script pages. I kept those pages, and I am presenting them here in the debut of a series called, “Coming Attractions.”

Sex, Drugs, and Lawrence Welk
Sex, Drugs, and Lawrence Welk

Whenever you find yourself all backed up, reach for this creative laxative and inspire yourself not to quit your day job.

Rich Hollywood producers, every single one of these concepts can be yours for the price of my student loans. They will give you significant leverage at pitch meetings when you have had everything you threw up shot down and you need to reach into your back pocket for that one last nugget of gold.


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