Anita Mechler: Fake Craigslist Ads 1-5

“I Saw You on the Train”

Me: Skinny, shy, awkward guy in a green fuzzy cardigan with horn-rimmed glasses & grey converse.

You: Thin brunette with uneven bangs, small breasts, and blue tights. You pulled the book “Office Girl” from your Guatemalan knit bag. I saw you slyly sniff your armpits and you caught me looking at you. Is it just me or did we have a moment? Let’s start our own anti-art movement together.

“I Saw You at the Bar”

You and I sat four seats away from each other. Everything was blurry.

You stumbled passed me on your way to the bathroom and you grabbed my arm to steady yourself. I couldn’t quite make out your features because I lost my glasses. Is it just me or did we have a moment? This happened at approximately 2 a.m.

“I Saw You at the Bookstore”

You were twirling your hair, reading a Kierkegaard book at the local used bookstore. I just burned my tongue drinking coffee out of my ever-present thermos when I saw you.

Would you like to go to a vegan restaurant sometime? We could talk about our favorite philosophers and eat cruelty-free.

“I Saw You on the Sidewalk”

You were standing outside of the plate glass window of the copy shop where I work.

You were smoking an American Spirit and wearing different shades of brown. I was stapling my latest zine. You must be a succubus because I ended up drawing my own blood.Street Scene

“I Saw You Walking Down the Street”

You were hanging with your friends, talking loudly and about to cross the street. You almost got hit by a cab, but you laughed it off.

I think I’m in love.

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