Kirk Novak: Shameless Self Promotion of Characteristically Unimpressed Mike Sula

Do you use the Internet?

You haven’t really used the Internet until you’ve followed CUMS (Characteristically Unimpressed Mike Sula) on Tumblr, and gotten sloppy seconds from a meal that left James Beard Award winning Chicago Reader lead restaurant critic Mike Sula wanting.

In other words, we pull a quote from a review by the irreproachable Mike Sula and put them on a picture of a person who appears unimpressed!

One of the many modestly brilliant ideas that have taken shape at a Drinkers with Writing Problems session, and have subsequently been brought to life to wreak havoc in this world like an uncontrollable golem.

A question you might now be asking is, “How can I further bask in the glow of such magnificent creative output when I can barely open my eyes with this pounding headache?”

4 EASY STEPS!photo (10)

  1. Sign in/sign up for Tumblr
  2. Visit Characteristically Unimpressed Mike Sula
  3. Click the “Follow” button
  4. Sit back and laugh, or not understand what you’re seeing, or possibly both (pictured)


Follow CUMS today and see what we have in store for tomorrow! Your life will improve by 10,000%!*

*results not typical

Send a picture of yourself looking unimpressed and you could be featured in a future post without credit or compensation!

I am being serious! Send in pictures of yourself looking unimpressed! We are running out!

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