Elizabeth Gomez: Cougar Hill

Climbing cougar hill,
She trails behind me,
By she, I mean her
By her, I mean him

He stands forthright,
Blonde mane blowing in the wind,
reminding me of time
30, 35, 40, 45

The dry air from the desert mountain,
cracks the membranes in my nostrils
Nose starts to bleed
Memories start to blend

Deep breath….
Heart beat…..
Ears filled with wind
Mirages of time crossing before me.

The inner corner of my eyes filled with sand,
Fredrico whispers in my ear,
“I’m South American.”
Tears fill my eyes.

“I love you.”
How old are you,
I speak the words as I fall apart
Turning from flesh to sand…..

Skin cracks apart

Yes, please.
He spreads the white cream
On my legs….
Juice box?

He looks at me
He cries
Yes, he says….
Yes, the one with Dora please.

Last spread,
Last sip,
Last breath
Cougar Hill

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