Kim Nelson: 10 Rejected American Girl Doll Ideas

1. Abigail, 1692–A winsome, feisty girl from Salem who finds herself in a jam when her schoolhouse rival steals her diary and finds her collection of spells.

2. Charu, 1838–While on the Trail of Tears with her family, the irrepressible Cherokee girl rescues and befriends a bunny.

3. Loraine, 1962–A lovable, outgoing girl growing up during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Comes with school desk accessory for her to hide beneath!

4. Ella, 1863–A sensitive dreamer with a weakness for silk dresses, Ella dreams of an artistic life outside her affluent family’s tobacco plantation.

5. Staci, 2000’s–A chatty, spunky girl growing up in the Ozarks. Staci uses her math and science smarts to investigate the reason her family’s trailer home exploded.

6. Keiko, 1943–The most popular girl her age in her Japanese American internment camp.

7. Siobhan, 1925–A plucky Irish-American girl who unknowingly saves her family’s livelihood when she doesn’t tell her policeman neighbor about the smelly old barrels in the cellar.

8. Carrie, 1992–During the Los Angeles Riots, the resourceful and spirited girl gets her hard-working mother the best birthday present ever!

9. Patty, 1846–While traveling to a new land with her family friends the Donners, the gutsy girl gets stranded in an avalanche but triumphs thanks to her adventurous spirit and culinary skills.

10. Girl of the Year: Maggie, a contemporary doll, comes with her own Doomsday Preparation diary and crossbow. Canopy bed accessory is compatible with the all new Bomb Shelter Bedroom!

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