Kirk Novak: Tyler, Fly

Tyler pressed himself closely against the passenger side window. The Cadillac El Dorado barreled down the highway at a dangerous clip, spewing acrid exhaust, consuming one gallon to the mile. Tyler desperately wanted out of the car, searching the window with his proboscis with a force that assumed he could push himself through the glass. He became frantic, terrified at being trapped inside the car, destination unknown. Rolling hills zipped past outside the window while everything inside the car seemed to stand still. Tyler pressed harder and harder against the window, his appendages flailing about in helpless spasms. The driver of the car reached down and pressed the lighter built into the dashboard ashtray as an unlit cigarette dangled from her mouth. The lighter popped out with force and flew into her waiting hand. She juggled it for a second and then pressed the fiery red coils to the end of her cigarette. The driver took a deep pull and exhaled a massive lungful of smoke that filled the car. Tyler choked and could barely see through his compound eyes. The driver cracked the passenger side window to let the smoke out and Tyler was instantly sucked outside, buffeted on a strong current of air. Helplessly floating on the draft, Tyler barely had a moment to appreciate his release from the car when he was blasted into the windshield of a tractor trailer cab that had been tailgating the Cadillac. He hit the windshield with a dull thud. The last thing Tyler ever saw was his ass coming out of his face. The driver hit the windshield cleaner and scraped Tyler off with the wiper blades.

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