Kirk Novak: Parody Poem #1

My gut is big

And round like a watermelon

And ten thousand beers have made it rounder

But not smaller

And that’s not fine

It’s a space heater

For the frigid winter

It’s my ambassador

To those who walk toward me

It’s a shiba inu

That hunts cholesterol

And orders fried foods

At restaurants

My gut is big

And that’s not fine

And those who might scorn it

Motivate me to try sit-ups

JUST… screw it.

1 Comment

  1. I played CoH neraly two times through (stalled out on the last boss on my first playthrough), but even so, I wouldn’t recommend it. It’s an incredibly slow burn, and the item system, both drops and in town, is tedious and frustrating, as you found. You can spend hours gathering cash and random drops to craft something, and find a better appraised item five minutes later. Even so, I loved mapping the dungeons, and it was cool to create a party that could survive just about anything the dungeon could throw at it. If CoH2 fixes the worst parts of CoH I’ll be all over it.

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