Kate Dunn: Sympathy for Q


What a quandary your existence is.
A circle often stabbed through to the heart.
almost the symbol for female, or maybe
male, though not quite extroverted enough.

You must have known you’d wrangle with
heavier quests, quoting ideas that meant more.
A quarrel intended to be quenched, and you
exalted as a Queen,
a chance to prove your quality.

It’s a shame you can’t work alone
forever fixed on ubiquitous U,
when in most cases, quasi-K or even hard C
could get the job done.  Perhaps after castration
you’d follow through as O; quid pro quo.

Where were you back when the runes came?
Then again, CW did it better.  Surely you
sat side-lined, with qualms but only a
small quibble, flinching, and given
No quarter.

Must this quiescent state be enough?

Ah, quintessence!

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