Kim Nelson: What I Thought About While Working Out On My Home Elliptical Machine This Morning

  • Feeling proud of myself for working out!

  • Legs moving, lungs pumping, feeling good!

  • I wish this elliptical machine was near the TV.

  • What does the dog think the TV is? Flat people? Magic window?

  • What has Sawyer from Lost been in recently? I should look at when I get to my office today.

  • Why does this monitor give me my distance in terms of rotations? How many rotations are in a mile? Isn’t this why we have monitors on our workout equipment in the first place?  I can’t post “Good for me, I’ve run 2,213 rotations today” on my Facebook page.

  • The Meaning of Life. Just kidding, I thought about who Taylor Swift might date next.

  • Can my neighbors hear my workout mix through the walls? I wonder what they thought of the abrupt transitions from Dolly Parton to The Thermals to a Weird Al polka at 6 am.

  • Do I look crazier when I talk out loud to the dog, or when I talk out loud to myself?

  • What the shit?! Has it really seriously only been 4 minutes so far?

1 Comment

  1. That was funny! I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who thinks about everything else while working out (sometimes). Enjoyed reading this very much 😀 Thankx for sharing!

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