Emily Lund: 10 Grammar Errors, Misspellings and Downright Stupid Phrases That Cause Me to Lose (not loose) My Brain!

1) For all intensive purposes: REALLY? I am an intense person and my purpose is probably more intense than some, but if I hear one more seemingly educated person utter these words, my purpose to punch that person in the mouth is going to get very intense!

2) Mute points: Clearly these are only for folks like my friend Helen Keller and my guess is they aren’t terribly intense (see #1). It has got to be hard to make a point, moot or otherwise, when you can’t actually make the sounds required to articulate that point?

3) Also, too: Pick an adverb, any adverb and go with it. “Also” and “Too” can be used interchangeably, mean practically the same thing and do not need to be used together. Wearing a dress and pants at the same time? You must choose one!

4) I could care less: Good, then go fucking care less somewhere else because you are making no sense. I personally couldn’t care less if I ever heard you speak again.

5) Mary and I: It isn’t always correct to say “Mary and I.” For instance “He went to the store with Mary and I” is wrong. Sometimes, it really is about “me”, like when you are the object of a preposition.

6) Homemade deserts: I’ve seen it on printed signs and on one too many menus. I’ll pass on that pie. It’s too sandy for my liking.

7) Advise and Advice: I get e-mails at least once a week with the phrase “please advice”. My advice to you is to stay in your basement by yourself and stop trying to communicate with others. You are doing a bad job.

8) Someone left their purse: I know, I know, this one is a bit picky and it has probably been accepted by grammar police by now. Microsoft Word grammar check had no issue with it. However, pronoun agreement people, look into it!

9) He borrowed me some money: Holy hell! I honestly thought everyone on the planet knew the difference between loaning and borrowing. I’d loan you a dictionary, but I don’t think it would help.

10) Your a bitch: I feel less insulted every time I read that on Facebook or in a text message. I am probably a bitch, but you’re definitely an idiot.

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