Elizabeth Gomez: Five Super Shortcuts to Make Your Life Much Easier

We all are pressed for time and constantly looking for ways to make life a little simpler. Here are Five Super Shortcuts that will help get you there:

1. Need coffee when you wake up, but have no time before that 8:30 am meeting? Stop at Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts or better yet, McDonald’s – they have a drive thru.

2. Don’t have time to iron that wrinkly shirt before your hot date AND you forgot to wash it? Toss in the dryer with the dryer sheet. Not only will the wrinkles come out and you’ll smell super Downey fresh, but with luck, you shirt will be a wee bit more snug for that European tight sexy t-shirt look. PS – Add a chain.

3. No time to make dinner before Game of Thrones starts? Grab a bag of salad, open bag, dump into a bowl, find some leftover deli meat and your boiled egg your forgot to eat last week, toss that on top. Eat your pathetic salad filled with emotions of regret under a cloud of pity. Then quickly intensify your self hatred by watching half clad muscle sculpted warriors while crying into your salad.

4. In need of a hard stiff cocktail? Put the smallest ice cube in your ice cube tray directly in your mouth, followed by an ounce of gin, swoosh your cheeks back and forth and viola! Gin martini on the rocks. Hint: To be super efficient, skip the ice.

5. Trying to find time to write that post you were suppose to write today? Make a list, post it, and then go back to step 4.

–Elizabeth Gomez

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