1. Sandra Benedetto: Kevin

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    September 15, 2014 by Sandra


    I wonder if I’d be able to pick his 16-year-old self out of a lineup today, never mind the grown-up …
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  2. Anita Mechler: The Ladder, Part 2

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    September 12, 2014 by techneata


    She knew that what she wanted to do was dangerous and even her father would not advise that she strike out alone in the dark into unknown territory.

  3. Elizabeth Gomez: 10 Essential Phrases to Use When You Have a Hangover

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    September 10, 2014 by 1badmomma


    So, you decide you needed to “have some fun”, “live a little”, “blow off some steam”, “find an excuse to …
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  4. Kirk Novak: Millionaires Forced to Eat Their Own Lawns

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    September 9, 2014 by Kirk Novak


    Upon entering the third year of a record drought in California, Legislators have increasingly restricted water usage by farmers and …
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  5. Sandra Benedetto: The Upright Position: WWJD?

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    September 8, 2014 by Sandra


    I’m fascinated by the recent kerfuffle about an airline passenger’s right to recline versus the right of the person behind …
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  6. Anita Mechler: My Roller Derby She-ro (repost)

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    September 5, 2014 by techneata

    congress pic

    We had fans, we had made names for ourselves, and we wanted to be Champions.

  7. Elizabeth Gomez: Jules Winnfield and Jon Snow Eat at the Bakersfield Big Boy

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    September 3, 2014 by 1badmomma


    Jon Snow sat at the table in the Bakersfield Big Boy. He ran his hand along the vinyl gingham tablecloth …
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