1. Anita Mechler: Folklore

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    April 18, 2014 by techneata

    Just the other day my dad reminded me of one of my favorite childhood folklore tales. It got me thinking …
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  2. DWWP Live Performances in April

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    April 14, 2014 by Kim


    Don’t miss these chances to catch DWWP live at various Chicago events! TONIGHT! April 14, Monday, 7 p.m. Anita Mechler will be …
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  3. Kirk Novak: I will take a bag of $$$ for these innovative app ideas

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    April 12, 2014 by Kirk Novak


    Not A Heart Attack – If you have a terrifying panic disorder that leads to the mistaken assumption that you …
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  4. Anita Mechler: 6 New App Ideas

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    April 11, 2014 by techneata

    1. “Told U So” – all of the advice that you would give to a friend, repeated back to yourself …
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  5. Dave Hughes: Wait, Make ‘em Unfiltered


    April 10, 2014 by 1badmomma

    highlife shot

    Please, just let it be quick. But of course, you don’t even get to ask that, do you? We live …
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  6. Emily Lund: 10 Apps That Should Be Invented

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    April 9, 2014 by techneata

    1) Is My Vagina Smelly?-App to tell you if you should freshen up before exposing your vagina to someone special …
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  7. Kim Nelson: 6 Apps That Should Exist

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    April 8, 2014 by Kim


    The Pee for Me App Bad Scrabble Decisions Preventer: uses location technology to disallow you from playing Scrabble while at …
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