David Jester


is a writer who some might call a little eccentric. As a connoisseur of obscure and miserable travel, he finds joy in the anguish of discomfort when experiencing other cultures; especially in winter above the arctic circle. His job as a firefighter/paramedic back in Maine, has him frequently questioning how much blood the human body truly can lose and still survive. When he is not swilling cocktails, bourbon, or scotch, he will imbibe in any imperial stout that is representative of his soul; sweet, dark, and bitter.

When writing, drinking, reading, or working is not on the agenda, he is exploring strange and odd stories as feelance writer for Atlas Obscura. While David used to be a bartender, he cannot make a decent tasting Vesper in his own home, much to his chagrin. He has also been featured on public access television, but those days were brief.

As a masochist, David competes in Spartan Beast races. For him, there is something so soothing knowing that he will be wet, tired, uncomfortable, and in pain for eight hours straight. He swore he would never do one again, yet in a drunken revelation, realized he was going to train again. The cycle repeats itself.

David Jester