Elizabeth Gomez (Repost): Tulips

tulipsI’ve heard people compare pussies to tulips.
I think this is because they imagine the white ones.
White ones that are the idea of perfect,
White ones with little pink buds in the center,
Soft and slightly slick and perfumed.
These are not the two lips I have.

My pussy is fat, large, and brown.
Even if I were thin and waify,
my mons pubis would jut from in between my hips
like a fleshy mountain for you to climb.
I wonder……..are you an adventurer?

If you were to put your hands between my legs
and grab my labia majora, or the corpulent hairy packaging
that reveals a treasure of warmth and silkiness,
You won’t think of a tulip.
Rather, you’d think of steam bath – hot, wet and enveloping.

When you spread apart my labia minora,
You won’t see a tiny pale bean and well laid lips.
When you look, you’ll make note of my dark edges.
And while you go further, when you pull away my velvety skin,
The edges fade into a darker pink rose colored heaven.

It’s here when you make your decision.
Here between the wetness on my thighs,
The heave of my chest,
The slight push of your face between my legs.
Do you dare to imbibe the faintly salty juices,
the elixir that will refuse to let you forget.
Are you an adventurer?


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